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Scale or Hard Water

Water Softeners
M & B Water Treatment of Weatherford uses high quality water softeners manufactured by Fleck & Clack (controls) for sale and rent. After testing your water and analyzing water usage we can recommend what style and size softener you need.

How Does Water Softening Work?
A water softener has a resin tank containing thousands of tiny resin beads that hold electrically charged ions. When freshly regenerated, the beads become full of sodium ions from the softening salt.

As hard water passes through the softener system, the calcium and magnesium ions are attracted to the resin beads. There, sodium ions are exchanged for the hard water ions. The system then delivers soft water for your use.


Iron and or Hydrogen Sulfide

Iron Removal & Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Smell)
For our customers who do not need soft water but need iron removal, we use a high efficiency point of entry iron removal system called  Iron Breaker, with a non-chemical media. It also removes the “rotten egg” smell!



UV or Ultra Violet Light


There are several ways we treat for Bacteria. Ultraviolet Light is a process that leaves Bacteria unable to reproduce making it harmless. Ozone is a very strong oxidizer, that kills Bacteria. Chlorine Bleach kills Bacteria also, with some limits, & byproducts.


Reverse Osmosis

Residential Customers
For “Bottled Water” quality we use a four stage residential reverse osmosis system with 50 gallons per day capacity.Systems come with sediment, carbon block, thin film membrane, GAC post filter and NSF certified Metal storage tank. This style system produces very high quality drinking water in the convenience of your own kitchen. These units are for sale or rental.

Commercial Units available, & sized to your need



We have filters for most applications. Sediment removal with single faucet applications to capacities requiring filtration of thousands of gallons per day. We offer one use cartridge filters as well as self cleaning filters.