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Texas Drinking Water Systems has provided good tasting and safe drinking water to our customers. Here are just a few of the many comments that we have enjoyed over the years.

Let us help you with your poor tasting and potentially unsafe drinking water.


My family recently experienced some health issue which caused us to be concerned about what types of food and water we were consuming.  After quit a bit of research, I determined that not having properly filtered water can be outright harmful in lots of ways.  I called Texas Drinking Water Systems to help me with my concern.  They not only educated me on the particular aspects that I was concerned about but they were able to install a filter quickly and were nice enough to work around my busy schedule.  They were able to install a filter on a kitchen sink and also shower heads for the bathrooms.  You can immediately tell a difference in the water. 
I honestly didn't think I would be able to tell a difference in the taste but I can, it is very fresh and clean!  I would highly recommend this to anyone who is concerned about their health.  Texas Drinking water systems not only educates it's customers but also provides excellent service and they also follow up after installation to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.  I highly recommend it, as it is an easy step that will make a huge difference to your overall health!

Dee Dee Herring
Attorney, Herring Law Firm
6100 Camp Bowie Blvd., Suite 20
Fort Worth, TX 76116
Tel:  817-731-9200
Fax: 817-731-9205


I moved to the country several years ago.  I knew my well water was hard but didn't realize how bad until I replaced my water heater.  The hard water sediment in the bottom was unbelievable.  That is when I decided to add a water softening system to my house.  The are many companies out there but I chose TX Drinking Water and Mike Pool to install my system.  My prime reason for choosing Mike was the fact that he does it all. Mike came to my house and tested my water.  From there he and I talked about what type of system I needed and the size of the system for my usage.  There was no hard sell; no trying to convince me to purchase a system that was more than what I needed.  I also decided to have Mike install a reverse osmosis system at the kitchen sink.  I was quoted a price and Mike came back several days later to install my system.  Everything is working great!  I am using alot less soap and my water tastes great.  No more lugging 5 gallon water bottles home from the store.  What impressed me the most was the fact that I dealt with one person:  Mike Pool.  He did the testing, selling, and installing.  Mike is very knowledgeable and professional yet friendly and easy to talk to.  I feel sure that if I have any issues with my water softening system, Mike will be here to service what he sells.

Nancy Wallace


“We have had some issues with our well and there was a notice of a contaminant  in the water table in our area, so we didn’t delay any longer to get our filter.  Mike took care of it quickly, and we are thrilled with the taste as well as the confidence that we are drinking good water.  Our German shepherd Duchess appreciates it too!”

Sydney and Dan Howell


When we moved into our Parker County home over 6 years ago, our builder failed to warn us of the troubles that would arise as a result of our extremely hard well water.  Only a few weeks into living in our new home, we noticed the water problems. For example, dishes that were washed in our dishwasher never came clean. They were covered in a dingy build-up even after being double rinsed. After only a few months, I noticed a brownish yellow film developing in our washing machine, toilets, and dishwasher. My husband and I decided to have our water tested and received an estimate for a home water treatment system. Because the estimate was so high, we unwisely decided not to do anything about the water. We learned some “tricks” to help us get by, but the water was never any good, and for years we told each other, “We’ve got to do something about this water.”

Fast forward 6 years, one washing machine, one septic system water pump, and one dishwasher later. We no longer had a decision about whether we would do something about our water. We knew it was a MUST. We researched and received quotes from several sources. We decided to go with Texas Drinking Water Systems because of the fair price and, to be honest, a good feeling about retired Haltom City Fireman Mike Pool. He was straightforward, thorough, and seemed like a man we could trust with a significant investment. We do not regret our decision. Our water system has not only given us great tasting drinking water from the sink, we have seen no film develop on our new dishwasher. Every dish comes out sparkling, like they are supposed to! Showers feel great, and the odor from the well water has been eliminated. As an added bonus, we are using about 35% the detergent in both the dishwasher and the washing machine with a result of both cleaner dishes and brighter clothes. Both of us wish that we had made this move sooner! We would recommend Texas Drinking Water Systems to any person who asked.

Kris and Callie Caldwell
Aledo, Texas